Vintage Girl

Vintage Girl

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Sunday 23rd February 2014


This is my brand new blog, not sure if anyone will want to read it or view my work but here goes!

I am 52 years old, I am divorced with three grown up children.  I work as a Licensed Conveyancer, that is a property lawyer.  I like my job but it can be mind numbing.  In order to relieve the tedium and inject some art into my life, I make cards in my spare time.  This keeps me sane and is the thing that makes me happy.


I have been making cards for about twelve years and I love stamping, colouring, die cutting and everything in between.  I have been crafty since I was little (well I was never actually little!) I always nagged my mum to let me make the projects from Blue Peter with a pair of Val’s old knickers and a pipe cleaner together with some sticky backed plastic!

I had two sons and was delighted when my third child was a girl, my little Molly would be a fellow crafter and be arty like her mum…… such luck!  My dearest Molly never wanted to craft, no matter how I tried to force her.  I would sit down with colouring books and try to coax her to colour with me but she wanted to play rough and tumble with her brothers!

The kids are all grown now and I get to spend me time with my crafting stash (my craft room is an organised mess) my son says I am a hoarder but I only hoard stuff I need, my craft stash isn’t rubbish!!

One thing you should probably know about me is I quite like to rant about things.  My rant for today is….. COATHANGERS, they are the devil’s work, they always get tangled into a huge mass and I end up dropping them all whilst trying to locate ONE hanger, I usually end up with 46 hangers.

I have uploaded some of my hand made cards for you to look at, I hope you like them.