Kanban pets in hats christmas kit

I wanted to share with you a project I recently made with the fabulous pets in hats christmas kit. The instructions are lengthy so forgive me for gabbling.

Christmas Organiser by Debbie James

Take 2 A4 pieces of white card (or any colour you like) and score both pieces of card at 3.5 inches. 4,4,4 and 3.5.

Mountain and valley fold each piece of card and then glue one piece of the card to the back of the other to make a total of 5 panels.

Use the Kanban card to layer on each panel.

On the second panel add a piece of card but leave the top part open and unglued and add a notebook (I took off the front cover of the book and glued on a piece of Kanban card. Add die cut letters to identify what you want in the notebook. Slide the back of the notebook into the pocket you have created.

Do the same as above on the 4th panel but name it something else.

Add die cuts from the kit onto panels 1, 3 and 5 and add a calendar to panel 5 also.

Take a pencil and cover it in red (or any colour that you like) paper. Cut two small slits near the top of the crease between panels 2 and 3 and slide in some Kanban card to make a loop to hold your pencil. Glue the tabs at the back.

Turn the card around and on the right hand 1st panel add some card cut diagonally and add to the bottom of the panel with the top left open. Cut some of the toppers into tags and add ribbon. Use die cut letters to identify the pocket for tags.

Add toppers to panels 2 and 4. On panel 3 I added a smaller topper and at the bottom I have added another pocket which you can use for anything you fancy, maybe receipts for your Christmas presents you have bought?

Take a piece of A4 card from the kit and glue to panel 5.

Close the organiser and wrap around the card so it looks like a purse. Use a Velcro sticker for the closure.

I have added a strip of co-ordinating card from the kit, some gems and a Diesire die cut poinsettia.

kk front KK back kk folded


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